Services we Provide

Estate Sales services include the following

Price, Organize, and Arrange

Price, Organize, Arrange, and Display all items to be sold.

Advertise and Promote

Advertise and Promote your sale for maximum attendance.

Safe Guard your property

Hire trusted individuals to help with your sale and guard against theft.


Handle Sales of all items and provide records of the sales.

Payment Options

We will accept cash and credit cards from purchasers.


Final settlement will be provided on your estate sale within 10 banking days of the conclusion of the sale.

We handle it all!

Both Sandy and Jim bring a variety of talents to help you through the difficulty of selling your own, or your loved one’s estate. We were raised in Rockport and were lucky enough to be able to move back over 16 years ago. Our roots are deep in our beloved community, and we will conduct your sale in a professional and efficient manner.


Estate Sale and Liquidation Services

There are many reasons to hire an estate sale company to sell your treasures. That’s because a lot of the items are treasures to you, whether you are just downsizing or have lost a loved one. It can be very difficult to part with so many items that you rationally know you need to part with, but … That’s where we come in. We understand how tough it is-we have lost way too many loved ones. But we didn’t know your loved one or lived with your treasures. So, it is much easier for us to determine value and how to best sell your treasures.

Pfeiffer’s Estate Sales has two ways we can sell your items. The first is an on-site estate sale.
Once you have removed all items from the house that you want to keep, your job is done. Hurray! We will come in and set up tables for display, pull everything out of cabinets, closets, ect. Jim and I will set -up your entire house, garage, and outdoor space for an estate sale. Our sales are normally on Friday and Saturday from 8am – 3pm. A third day can be added if needed.

Or, we can conduct on-line estate sales. This is a new feature we have added to our website thanks to Covid -19. This will allow us to hold 2-3 week on-line sales for items that perhaps need a broader audience. We are very excited about this new service we can offer our clients and customers.